Over 500 thousand people spent this weekend at the ‘Continenteal Food Festival’, which was held in Porto’s City Park, and which served more than 50 thousand meals. It is now the 5th edition of this Festival, which combines the spectacle of music with food, featuring the performance of national and international artists and the tasting of traditional dishes prepared by renowned Chefs, and which brings together more and more enthusiasts.

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Chefs Noélia Jerónimo, Diogo Rocha, Hélio Loureiro, Kiko Martins and Manuel Almeida prepared and served live some traditional delicacies in signature dishes, using national products. Chef Chakall, on the other hand, was ‘on the grill’ serving ‘criolla’ Argentinian sausage, ‘chimichurri fraldinha’ and cold potato salad.

Sebastián Yatra, Ana Moura, Calema, Diogo Piçarra, Rita Rocha, Tony Carreira and Nina Toc Toc were the artists invited to take the stage at this Festival, capturing the attention of a diverse audience.

In ‘Praça dos Vinhos’ (Wine Square), visitors carried out more than 150 thousand tastings and in the Continente Academy’s area several specialists, such as Chefs, nutritionists and winemakers, provided workshops to more than 350 people.

At the end of the festival, all surplus food from the Chefs’ kitchens and other areas of the venue were donated to the Sra. da Conceição Parish Social Centre (Porta Solidária) as well as to the Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto, with the aim of avoiding food waste and, at the same time, supporting the local community, fundamental principles of recognized importance for the brand.

‘Continente Food Festival’ is the only free event in Portugal that combines the musical spectacle with the latest news in the food sector, and which aims to democratize access to entertainment through music, gastronomy with renowned Chefs, and provide great family moments with the multiple free activities accessible to all who visit this festival.







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