‘Refood’, ‘Porta Solidária’, ‘Comunidade Vida e Paz’ and ‘Cáritas Paroquial da Matriz de Portimão’ are the four national institutions supported by the sale of the last of this Missão Continente’s solidarity bags’ 3rd edition. The support is intended for the development of projects that help fight hunger.

These bags, reusable and produced from recycled plastic bottles, are for sale in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores in the country, for €1.50. For each bag sold, €0.50 goes to the four institutions. The total raised amount varies, depending on the number of bags sold, and will be divided equally between the institutions, to implement a project, which will be monitored by Missão Continente to assess the impact on the community.

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With the amount obtained from the bags’ sale, each of the benefiting institutions develops their projects: ‘Refood’ is dedicated to recovering food in good condition to distribute and feed people in need, being an independent, sustainable, 100% voluntary movement, citizen-driven and organized in local communities; ‘Comunidade Vida e Paz’ welcomes people who are homeless or in a situation of social vulnerability, helping them to recover their dignity and (re)build their life project, through an integrated action of prevention, rehabilitation and reinsertion. Volunteer Street Teams distribute between 450 and 500 meals every night. They seek to create a relationship with people that allows them to awaken in them the desire to leave the streets and begin a path of change and rebuild their lives; ‘Porta Solidária’ supports families in situations of serious economic need and people experiencing homelessness, providing clothing and medicine. It serves around 400 dinners every day to people who go to ‘Porta Solidária’ to get a full meal, which is often the only one they have that day; and, ‘Cáritas Paroquial da Matriz de Portimão’ is a reference institution in the area, supporting people in need who need food support, distributing food to more than 800 people and serving around 60 meals daily in the social cafeteria. Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary commemorative edition, in 2023, stands out for its exclusive collection of solidarity bags that supports 20 institutions from five different areas: ‘Children and Youth Support’, ‘Animal Support’, ‘International Organizations’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Fighting Hunger’, thus trying to diversify the type of institutions supported and address several pressing issues in our society. This is the 5th and last bag from this year’s collection.

In 2022, Missão Continente raised 353,176.00 euros from the sale of the solidarity bags’ 2nd edition, which made it possible to finance projects by the ‘Portuguese League Against Cancer’, ‘Fundação Gil’, ‘Ajudar Moçambique’, ‘CASA’ and ‘APAV’, as well as training and strengthening their sustainability.



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