Missão Continente marks its 20th anniversary tomorrow, December 20th. In the more than 350 Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores, the date will be marked, from 4pm, with the gifting of some Birthday Cake to everyone who wishes to join this celebration. This is also a way for Missão Continente to thank the support provided to causes over the last 20 years.

During this day, Missão Continente also promotes a special broadcast on ‘TVI’ entitled ‘A ajuda mora aqui’ (Help lives here). Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Manuel Luís Goucha will present the TV programme, which will be broadcast live, between 2:40 pm and 6:00 pm. Several guests, culminating in a final performance by Tony Carreira, will attend the studio. Between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm, the new Rato store, in Lisbon, will feature a special highlight in the programme, led by Susana Pinto.

Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary has been celebrated throughout the year through various initiatives. The ‘Tour por Todos’ was a special project that promoted 10 intimate concerts with Tony Carreira, close to local communities, celebrating the support of Missão Continente through music and moments of celebration. An exclusive collection of solidarity bags was also launched to support 20 institutions from five different areas: ‘Childhood and Youth Support’, ‘Animal Support’, ‘International Organizations’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Fighting Hunger’, thus trying to diversify the type of institutions supported and address several pressing issues in our society.

Missão Continente continues its daily work, supporting more than 1,100 institutions, with its food surpluses; the Missão Continente School educational programme, which reaches more than 800 schools, impacting more than 100 thousand students and around 8,000 teachers, between pre-school and Elementary School, raising awareness, from an early age, on consumers and clients of the future so that they can make more balanced and sustainable choices; support for the cause of gender equality, permanently collaborating with the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, through the donation of goods to entities dedicated to this cause; and supporting various local initiatives and projects to address different needs.

Missão Continente’s ‘Help lives next door’ Christmas campaign is currently running, which supports around 1,000 local institutions close to the more than 350 Continente stores across the country.

Missão Continente represents all of Continente’s social responsibility initiatives, operating for 20 years in the areas of food, people and planet, wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.





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