‘UNICEF’, ‘The Big Hand’, ‘Um Pequeno Gesto’ and ‘Hope For Fulanis’ are the four international institutions supported through the sale of the new Missão Continente’s “Alargamos Horizontes” solidarity bag. The support is intended for the development of humanitarian aid projects in the most diverse areas, namely health, education, child nutrition, professional training and drinking water collection.

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The bags, reusable and produced from recycled plastic bottles, are for sale in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores in the country, for €1.50. For each bag sold, €0.50 goes to the four institutions. The total amount raised varies depending on the quantity sold and will be divided equally between the institutions, to implement a project, which will be monitored by Missão Continente to assess the impact on the community.

With the amount obtained from the sale, each of the beneficiary institutions develops their projects in different areas and different countries: ‘UNICEF’, the United Nations Organization’s entity responsible for providing humanitarian aid and promoting the development of young people and children throughout the world; ‘The Big Hand’, which promotes the well-being of Mozambican children who live in unfavourable conditions, with special attention to orphan girls; ‘Um Pequeno Gesto’, which promotes the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged children and their families, in Mozambique; and ‘Hope For Fulanis’, which has been developing, since 2000, several projects in the areas of health, education, child nutrition, professional training and access to drinking water in the interior of Guinea-Bissau.

Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary commemorative edition stands out for its exclusive collection of solidarity bags that supports 20 institutions from five different areas: ‘Children and Youth Support ’, ‘Animal Support’, ‘International Organizations’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Fighting Hunger’, thus trying to diversify the type of institutions supported and address several pressing issues in our society.

In 2022, Missão Continente raised 353,176.00 euros with the sale of the 2nd edition of solidarity bags, which allowed it to finance projects by the ‘Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro’, ‘Fundação Gil’, ‘Ajudar Moçambique’, ‘CASA’ and ‘APAV’, as well as training and strengthening their sustainability.


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