In the first half of 2023, Continente avoided 29.7 million euros of waste, of which 14.4 million euros were avoided through product flow acceleration mechanisms and 15.3 million euros avoided through Missão Continente’s surpluses donation program, which reached 1,157 institutions across the country. These results were released as part of the celebrations of International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day, on September 29th.

The fight against food waste thus plays a central role in Continente’s sustainability agenda, which has several initiatives to accelerate the flow of products and avoid tonnes of waste, offering products in excellent consumption conditions at a more affordable price for the consumer: from pink labels, to ‘Zer0% Desperdício’ Boxes (Zer0% Waste) or ‘Surprise bags’ resulting from the partnership with Too Good to Go.

Additionally, through Missão Continente, in an effort that dates back to 1994, the reuse and redistribution of surpluses is ensured. Currently, all Continente stores have partnerships with various social solidarity and animal support institutions and donations are made daily, throughout the year.

In addition to fighting waste in its operations, Continente has committed to action throughout the entire supply chain. In 2022, Continente launched the ‘Waste Fair’, a platform created by the Continente Producers Club to establish bridges between producers and thus reduce waste upstream. Continente Seleção’s Alcobaça Apple Cider Vinegar is the result of a partnership between 5 apple producer associations from Alcobaça, 2 fresh juice producers and an industry partner who launched a value-added product, produced from out-of-calibre fruit that would not be valued to be sold fresh. With the Zero Waste range, under the motto “Products too good to throw away”, Continente launched, this September, a new range of fruits and vegetables that are out of calibre or have defects, which in no way affect their quality or flavour.

With consumers, Continente has launched a series of actions to promote literacy in this matter. Continente was the first retailer, at an Iberian level, to add the “Before You Waste: Observe, Smell, Taste” seal, from Too Good To Go, to its own private label products. This seal aims to raise awareness of the importance of ‘saving’ foods with a minimum shelf life date. At Continente Feed was created an area dedicated to Recipes made with Leftovers and without Waste, which helps consumers make the best use of all foods.


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