‘Na Pele de Quem Segue’ (‘In The Skin Of Those Who Follow’) is the signature of the new campaign by MYLABEL, Continente’s beauty brand, which seeks to represent the majority of customers and commits to learn from what is best done in the market. This campaign features presenter Diana Chaves as an influential figure, but, above all, it attributes the protagonism to the customers.

In this campaign, created and developed by ‘Stream And Tough Guy’, with production by ‘Hand Creative’, MYLABEL positions itself as a beauty brand with products for all types of customers and attentive to market trends, as only in this way can it create the most desired quality products, at affordable prices. More than the focus on the product, this campaign reverses the leading role of the usual protagonists of films in the world of Beauty, the public figures, attributing the main role to the followers, that is, the customers. MYLABEL is thus a beauty brand for everyone because it is able to put itself in the shoes of most of its customers.

The first film of the campaign shows a woman carrying out her beauty routine and watching, on her mobile phone, a video of influencer Diana Chaves who imitates her steps, using MYLABEL beauty products.

We chose presenter Diana Chaves to co-star in this new film as she represents the cycle of influence - a recognized figure, who is followed both on TV and on social media” says Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Continente. ‘Na Pele de Quem Segue’ is the brand’s new expression, both figurative and literal, which takes on a communication tone that embodies the personality of a true follower. A brand should be authentic and true,” says the brand’s manager. The campaign is featured on TV, digital and outdoor.

In this universe of Beauty it is common for us to follow trends, brands and people and it is by following them that we will understand who follows; only then will we truly be able to know what our consumers look for and like, thus being able to develop quality products at prices that the majority can afford,” explains Isabel Veiga, Director of MYLABEL.

MYLABEL is Continente’s beauty brand that provides the products that customers are looking for, in an accessible way and with a very wide range dedicated to face, hair, body, perfumes and products for men. Dedicated to launching new products and constantly improving its offer, whether it be the formula, fragrance or packaging, every detail is important to MYLABEL, which involves customers directly in this process of choosing or improving products. MYLABEL is a recognized brand on the market and through the launch of this campaign it seeks to assert its new positioning.


DATASHEET ‘Na Pele de Quem Segue’ (‘In The Skin Of Those Who Follow’)


Strategy Director - João Ribeiro

Creative Director - Miguel Durão

Art Director - Luís Ferreira Borges

Project Management - Hugo Pacheco

Planner - Nicolas Grassi


Director - Gonçalo Morais Leitão

Producer - Sofia Rivas

Production and Direction Assistant - Francisco Coutinho

Production - Ruben Calamote

DOP - Bruno Grilo

Focus Puller - Filipe Pantana

Gaffer - Pedro Nair

Sound Technician - Mário Lopes

Make-up artist / hairdresser - Paula Carmo

Stylist - Silvia Dias

Art director - Silvia Dias

Catering Assistant - Fernanda Oliveira

Video and lighting equipment - Algures no Planisfério

Security - Leiria

Van hire - Olivauto

Photographer - Tiago Xavier

Photo Assistant  - João Bartolomeu

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