Continente was distinguished by Portuguese consumers as an ‘Environmental Trust Brand’, for the 14th consecutive year, in the ‘Hyper/Supermarkets’ category, with 52% of the preferences registered.

Recognized as an innovative brand, with quality and good value for money, Continente stood out from the 2nd and 3rd places with 20% and 10% of the preferences, respectively, thus consolidating the leadership registered in the last 14 years as an ‘Environmental Trust Brand’.

Reinforcing the brand’s position in favour of the environment and its responsibility as a promoter of responsible behaviour, it launches a Continente Card campaign in which customers can, until June 30th, help plant trees. To do so, customers simply need to access the Continente Card App and complete a set of sustainable challenges that allow accumulating points. Once 10 points are collected, Continente Card plants their tree. Among the challenges proposed are joining the electronic invoice, buying reusable bags, using Plug&Charge or stopping receiving coupons by mail. Customers can follow the total number of trees to be planted, on the Continente Card App, in real time.

Every day we are committed to developing what we consider to promote positive environmental change. It is for this purpose that we work daily to achieve the goals established for the protection of the environment.

We highlight the following 2022 milestones:

- 80% of our plastic packaging was recyclable,

- 30% of the electricity consumed was of renewable origin;

- We reduced our own greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, when compared to 2018;

- 2929 hectares (7220 acres) were monitored or restored, within the scope of the Continente Producers Club.

The ‘Environmental Trust Brand 2023’ seal is included in the ‘Trusted Brands’ study, which is carried out annually by the Reader’s Digest Select Editions magazine, and aims to measure the degree of trust that consumers place in brands. This edition included a universe of 12,000 households surveyed, between September and November 2022, who, as consumers, and based on an open question methodology (free and spontaneous response), were asked to mention, in 12 different sectors of activity, the environmental brands of their trust.











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