MYLABEL has developed a new line of 9 solar products, which follow strict ingredient selection criteria, in order to guarantee effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, minimize the risk of allergies and protect the planet. The range is for sale in all Continente stores and online, with prices starting at 2.99 euros.

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The new products are being announced according to the new MYLABEL concept – ‘In the Skin of Those Who Follow’ - assuming itself as a beauty brand for all, capable of putting itself in the skin of most of its customers.

The Mylabel Soleil range was developed for the whole family and stands out for the most advanced UVA/UVB protection filters that act as a shield against the sun. The line is enriched mostly with Aloé Vera, an ingredient known for its soothing and moisturizing properties. Its formulas are vegan, moisturize the skin for several hours, are water resistant and dermatologically tested.

Mylabel Soleil Sensitive products are suitable for sun protection for the most sensitive skin, with hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formulas.

The range also includes an After Sun, a lotion enriched with a cocktail of moisturizing and repairing ingredients, which provides an immediate sensation of freshness and hydration for 24 hours.

MYLABEL’s new solar products range complies with Hawaiian law - it does not use sunscreens that affect the conservation of corals, one of the most productive and biologically rich ecosystems on Earth, thus guaranteeing their preservation (e.g.: Avobenzone, Octocrylene; Oxybenzone or Benzophenone-3 and Octinoxate or Octylmethoxycinnamate).

Additionally, ingredients such as homosalate, parabens, phthalates and nanomaterials are not used because they have a negative potential for health and/or the environment.

It's in MYLABEL’s DNA to develop quality and innovative products capable of responding to the needs of our consumers. This solar products line reinforces the brand’s commitment to continue to launch affordable products that protect the environment” explains Isabel Veiga, MYLABEL Director.

MYLABEL is Continente’s beauty brand that offers the products that customers are looking for, in an affordable way and with a very wide range dedicated to face, hair, body, perfumes and products for men. Dedicated to the launch of new products and to the constant improvement of its offer, whether it’s the formula, the fragrance or the packaging, every detail is important for MYLABEL, which involves customers directly in this process of choosing or improving products. MYLABEL is a recognized brand in the market and, through the launch of this range, it seeks to assert its new position.



  • Aloe Vera After Sun 250ML

  • 50+ Anti-age Face Sun Cream 50ML

  • 30+ Protect&Care Sun Cream 100ML

  • 50+ Sensitive Kids Sun Cream 100ML

  • 30+ Protect&Care Sun Spray 250ML

  • 50+ Protect&Care Sun Spray 250ML

  • 50+ Protect&Care Kids Sun Spray 250ML

  • 50+ Sensitive Sun Spray 250ML

  • 50+ Sensitive Kids Sun Spray 250ML

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