Continuing the ‘Good for Madeira’ campaign, Missão Continente launched an exclusive solidarity bag in order to support four institutions that develop social support in the region: Santo António Parish Social Centre, Food Bank Against Hunger in Madeira, SPAD (Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals) and ‘Santana Cidade Solidária’ Association.


‘Good for Madeira’ Solidarity Bag Image Link


These solidarity bags, made from plastic bottles and with colourful and abstract illustrations inspired by the most current trends, are for sale in all Continente Modelo stores in Madeira for €1.50 and, for each bag sold, €0.50 goes to institutions. The total amount raised will be split equally among the four institutions to implement a project, which will then be monitored by Missão Continente, through its impact on the community.

As part of Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary, we launched these solidarity bags to support Madeiran institutions with projects that contribute to and enhance social protection, awareness-raising and mobilization systems. We believe that by joining forces we will always be able to provide answers to those who need them the most, in favour of a more sustainable community,” explains José Carlos Salvado, Continente Operations Director in Madeira.

This solidarity bag’s sales go towards the Santo António Parish Social Centre, to increase its members’ quality of life; for the Food Bank Against Hunger in Madeira, which redeems surplus food and makes it reach those who need it the most; SPAD (Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals), which fights for animals’ rights and well-being; and the ‘Santana Cidade Solidária’ Association, which intervenes in direct support for the elderly, unemployed and signalled target cases.

Present in Madeira since 1996, Continente currently has 1,100 employees, collaborates with more than 80 local producers and supports, on a daily basis, more than 36 social solidarity institutions. Continente aims to keep being a trusted brand for all resident and visiting families, standing out and differentiating itself in food retail.

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