Continente stores are undergoing technological renovation, through a 3 million euros investment, to improve the shopping experience and increase the convenience for customers who prefer to make purchases more independently. This project is carried out in partnership with NCR, a world leader in next-generation technology.

The objective is for the self-checkout system with the new partner to reach 70 Continente stores by the end of 2023. For customers who value interaction and service with employees, all stores maintain the traditional option. Continente is recognized as a strong and pioneering brand in the modernity, dynamism and innovation areas, with a solid path towards digitalization and well aligned with trends. The brand plays a fundamental role in democratizing access to all types of purchasing and payment options depending on each customer’s profile.

Continente stores will feature an exclusive and centralized space with self-checkout cashiers, with more space and comfort, thus allowing, from now on, circulation with shopping carts. The system is faster and more intuitive, allowing payment by all means, including cash, bank card, Continente Card and Continente Pay. There is also the option, in the same location and without going through the checkout, of using the Continente SIGA app, for customers who adopt more digital solutions.

With this new solution we offer our customers the convenience of a large space that allows them to use their shopping cart and we have incorporated the self-scanning service in the same location. The fact that this new platform is more ergonomic and more efficient makes the purchasing process a more attractive and comfortable experience, in a modern and innovative space. In addition to the additional benefits for customers, a scale was also incorporated into each piece of equipment for registering fruit & vegetable and bakery & pastry items, biotic readers that allow faster item registration and the use of new payment methods, such as the ‘Dá’ Card. Furthermore, we improved the process for the store, where the self-checkout’s employees take on a more dynamic role and are closer to customers,” explains Miguel Ramos, Director of Operational Development at MC.

The feedback on the use of this more autonomous purchasing model has been very positive, both from employees and customers. With this new concept, in many cases, we increased the usage rate by 10 percentage points and we already have adoption rates above 50% in many stores. These technological solutions strengthen relationships between brand and consumer and allow customers to make purchases in a more autonomous, effective and always safe way, also improving the quality of service of traditional checkout models. Continente is a brand that invests not only in product variety, but also in the variety of services,” states MC’s official.

Continente’s digitalization strategy is based on a deep understanding of the consumer’s purchasing journey that allows identifying all areas in which digital solutions can contribute to improving customer experience. These opportunities are prioritized to maximize the impact on this experience and the result is manifested in various actions and digital assets, from digital communication (social media, leaflets, personalized brochures and georeferencing of stores), the website and e-commerce app, the Cartão Continente app and the Continente SIGA app.

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