‘Missão Continente’, ‘Quercus’ and ‘Corticeira Amorim’ promote the collection of cork stoppers for recycling and reforestation, raising awareness among the population through the Green Cork project. Since 2008 to this date, World Tree Day, more than 117.6 million cork stoppers have been saved and more than 1.5 million trees have been planted. This project reinforces Missão Continente’s commitment to nature preservation and sustainable development.

In 2023, Missão Continente collected 25,776 tonnes of cork, which resulted in the planting of 106,698 trees, reinforcing the ongoing commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of environmental sustainability, with emphasis on the importance of conserving the Portuguese forest. Under the motto ‘Rolhas que dão Folhas’ (Corks that give Leaves), this awareness campaign has been fundamental in raising awareness among the population about the need to preserve the environment and value natural resources.

Continente’s Director of Social Responsibility, Nádia Reis, expressed her pride in being part of such a special project, stating: “This awareness campaign, ‘Rolhas que dão Folhas’ (Corks that give Leaves), is based on the Green Cork project, of which we have been partners for years, makes us very proud, allowing Missão Continente to be part of building a better world for everyone, promoting sustainable development and environmental preservation”.

In addition to contributing to the preservation of the Portuguese forest, recycling cork stoppers has positive impacts on waste reduction and CO2 storage. The economic valorisation of cork, through its recycling and use in various applications, plays a crucial role in conserving cork oak forests and promoting rural and traditional Portuguese culture.

‘Gathering Corks is Planting Trees’ is more than a premise - it is a commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. The virtuous circle of the Green Cork project, which transforms recycled cork into new products and allows for the planting of new trees, exemplifies the harmony of nature.

Missão Continente represents all of Continente’s social responsibility initiatives, operating for 20 years in the areas of food, people and planet, thus wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.



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