Continente, in line with families’ priorities, is getting ready to welcome 2024 with a message of optimism and commitment to savings. Under the motto "In January, savings come first", the brand has just launched a campaign created by Fuel, which will be featured on television, outdoors, radio and digital channels and which highlights the importance of starting the year with well-defined priorities, placing savings at the top of the list.

In January, customers will be able to save on thousands of products, every day, and even be surprised with the offer of an extra 15% discount coupon on Continente Card, right on the first week.

“We enter 2024 with the clear purpose of supporting families. We want each customer to feel the positive impact of the Continente brand’s initiatives throughout the year and realize how much savings can make a difference in their daily lives. We will continue offering quality products at affordable prices and developing savings solutions together with our partners, maintaining our commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency,” says Filipa Appleton, Continente’s Marketing Director.

The new year begins with the reinforcement of the promotional plan, through the holding of theme fairs, such as the fair dedicated to Savings, Heating and Home Cleaning, now available in stores with proposals to guarantee a start to the year already saving.

From January 6th, the Continente Card APP will reveal ‘Your Recipe of the Year’, an initiative that allows each customer to see their savings with the Continente Card throughout 2023, which products were most purchased, their favourite categories and savings on partner brands. These indicators will be presented through a personalized film.

In addition to these initiatives, every week, Continente presents each customer with their ‘Personalized Brochure’, with a selection of products that they like most and usually buy, with special offers and at the lowest prices, making their purchases easier and, naturally, saving.

MC will continue to support families through promotional activity, gifting discount on the Continente Card coupons, direct discounts, fuel discount vouchers, among others, and continue to promote theme fairs with special campaigns to present new products, in addition to reinforcing the variety of products and the Private Label range. Ensuring maximum quality, always at competitive prices, MC remains committed to continuing to create savings solutions, in conjunction with its partners, in order to meet the needs of families.


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