‘ERSE-Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos’, and ‘MEDREG-Mediterranean Energy Regulators Association’, expressed interest in getting to know MC’s energy management system up close, which includes photovoltaic production and electric mobility. The visit to Amadora’s Continente store, which represents a significant step in sharing experiences and collaboration between regulatory entities and private operators in the energy sector, took place yesterday.

MC has been adopting energy management measures and has adopted a roadmap based on four areas of action: implementation of eco-efficiency measures; operational management measures, namely the electrification of consumption, with a particular focus on last mile and light vehicles; a programme to change the cold storage plants; and investment in the production and acquisition of energy, effectively produced from renewable sources.

MC’s low-cost charging stations infrastructure - Plug & Charge - appears as an efficient response to the growing needs of electric vehicle users in Portugal. Despite the country having a 31.2% market share in electric vehicles, the availability of charging stations is still below the European average. In 2020, the country had only 1,976 normal charging stations (≤22kW) and 494 fast charging stations (>22kW). MC, with its network of stores distributed throughout the national territory, fills this gap, bringing charging stations to regions often neglected by large operators.

Continente’s Plug & Charge charging stations, powered by the MC stores’ solar self-production, stand out for their efficient energy management and environmental commitment. The service is simple, transparent, and accessible and promotes more sustainable electric mobility.

MC’s Continente Plug & Charge not only represents an advancement in charging practices, but also reflects the company’s vision for the future. MC aims to reach 550 charging stations by the end of 2024, being one of the only private electric vehicle charging systems in Portugal.

Currently, MC has recorded a reduction in energy consumption by more than 35% in the last decade and, in addition, it has 250 self-consumption photovoltaic plants where their production already represents 10% of the stores’ total consumption.

Carlos Sampaio, Head of Energy at MC, stated, “Continente Plug & Charge is a clear example of MC’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development goals. We believe that private charging systems are essential to complement the public system and boost the energy transition. We are committed to expanding our network, contributing to cleaner mobility in Portugal.

Pedro Verdelho, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERSE, stated, “the visit to Amadora’s Continente store represented a valuable opportunity for ERSE, as well as for the fellow Mediterranean regulators, who are part of MEDREG and who participated in the visit, to get to know the innovations and sustainable practices implemented by MC, which will help to improve the regulatory framework that facilitates a local and circular energy economy. The integration and management of systems in Amadora’s Continente store facilities, such as the energy production system, MC’s electric mobility charging network, cold and heat management and lighting, among others, contributes to optimize their energy bill and decarbonize their consumption balance, in line with the energy transition process in Portugal. The sustainability of society will only be possible with individual and collective examples, such as those shown to us, that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy system.

MC believes that the visit by ERSE and MEDREG will contribute to a deeper understanding of its energy production system and reaffirms its commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to boost electric mobility in Portugal.


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