The Continente Plug&Charge App has just launched new features: the introduction of Happy Hour offers customers exclusive benefits. For the first time in Portugal, there is the possibility of promoting discounts for charging electric vehicles, in order to take greater advantage of the availability of solar energy and the variation in prices on the wholesale electricity market.

Happy Hour is the result of a pioneering approach that aims to share, with the Continente Plug&Charge service users, the advantages associated with local renewable production and variations in electricity prices. Supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Happy Hour is designed to maximize customer satisfaction combined with the efficient management of energy resources, a result of MC’s energy model.

Currently, Happy Hour is in the pilot phase in three stores: Continente Matosinhos, Continente Évora and Continente Amadora. After this initial phase, the expansion is expected to include all stores that feature Continente Plug&Charge services. This initiative was developed within the scope of InterConnect, a European project dedicated to the digitalization of the electricity sector where MC (through Elergone Energia) had the collaboration of INESC TEC and EFACEC.

In addition to the introduction of Happy Hour, this release introduces other features, including Quick Start, which allows users to start charging more quickly or the ability to navigate the app while the vehicle is charging, as well as an English version of the App for greater accessibility.

Carlos Sampaio, Responsible for the Energy Area at MC, states, “Happy Hour is a revolution in the way our customers interact with energy. Continente Plug&Charge’s commitment is to provide innovative and advantageous experiences for service users, having always aimed to democratize electric mobility in Portugal, allowing customers to move comfortably around the country.

Continente Plug&Charge is a simple and innovative service: customers simply need to download the Continente Plug&Charge App (and Continente Card App). In just 1 hour, it is possible to charge up to 200 km of autonomy, from €0.01/minute. Service prices are the same in all stores. This is another step by the Continente brand in contributing to the decarbonisation of society, not only by promoting electric mobility, but also because it allows the integration of renewable energy produced in our stores, offering a 100% digital experience, simple communication and competitive and equal rates throughout the national territory.

Since the beginning of the project, in September 2020, Continente has reached 294 charging points, in 76 stores and more than 450 thousand uses. The network, with a daily average of 85,000 km charged, has already prevented the release of 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Installing charging stations for electric vehicles is one of the investments covered by financing from the European Investment Bank and the European Fund for Strategic Investments. Continente Plug&Charge is one of the initiatives of a global project launched several years ago by MC, with a view to improving consumption efficiency and environmental sustainability and will contribute to the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint following the signing of the Paris Agreement.

MC’s investment in energy efficiency as a way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of its business is a priority and goes beyond the investments included in this specific project, such as investment in the opening of new stores, which meet the highest standards of energy efficiency.



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