Continente stands out as the brand that allows consumers to find various solutions, promoting personalization and adaptation to the rhythm of each customer – “Continente belongs to everyone”. ‘Cozinha Continente’, a brand of ready-to-eat meals for everyone who enjoys the quality of traditional recipes, has new products prepared for this year. Its major bet is to get meals to everyone, anywhere.

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Upon its launch, on March 19th, 2023, ‘Cozinha Continente’ made itself known with a strong focus on the quality of its meals, as a result of an in-depth review of all its recipes, in a joint work between Chefs and nutritionists, which resulted in a varied offer of ready-to-eat meals, made with the best ingredients, without the addition of colourings or preservatives, artificial aromas or enhancers, which reflect the quality, freshness and authenticity of the brand’s meals.

Cozinha Continente’s big focus is now on providing everyone, anywhere, with the quality and convenience of its fresh, ready-to-eat meals, which can be found in individual or family packaging in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores of the country. Innovation is one of Cozinha Continente’s fundamental pillars, which also seeks to bring Customers new forms and formats of ready-made, practical and convenient meals, such as steamed meals, made with fresh raw vegetables and that can finished in the microwave in minutes, or ‘mise en place’ meals, which are pre-cooked so that they can, in just a few simple steps, be finished at home with a Chef’s personal touch.

The brand will also reinforce its ‘Grab&Go’ range, which includes sandwiches and wraps, made with fresh, quality ingredients and without any added preservatives, and also ready-to-eat, hot alternatives, such as ‘bifanas’ on bread, burgers and hot dogs, the latest addition to this fast food offering.

Cozinha Continente reinforces MC’s value proposition, which aims to bring the best of our cuisine to everyone and anywhere, investing above all in the quality of the ready meals we offer, where we count on the help of Chef André Matos and also a team of nutritionists. It is thanks to this value proposition that the ‘Cozinha Continente’ brand has shown solid growth. Looking to the future, we have ambitious plans for ‘Cozinha Continente’ in 2024, envisaging double-digit growth in sales of the Cozinha Continente business and two new restaurant openings.”, says Ana Alves, responsible for the Food Solutions area at MC.

The new Cozinha Continente campaign, part of Continente’s new communication platform under the motto “Continente belongs to everyone”, will be launched on April 19th with a strong multimedia campaign that focuses on raising awareness on the quality, convenience and variety of Cozinha Continente’s ready-to-eat meals.

The ‘Cozinha Continente’ brand was born in Vila Real, in 2022 with the opening of its first restaurant, but it was a year ago, on March 19th, that Cozinha Continente made itself known to the entire country with a strong launch campaign. The implementation of Cozinha Continente at the service counters and take-away areas of Continente’s stores arose from the need to respond to the growing demand for quality ready meals, adapted to the new lifestyles and needs of consumers.

With a focus on respect for origins and tradition, the quality of ingredients and preparation, and with daily work between Chefs and nutritionists, Cozinha Continente has ready-to-eat meals, to take away or order, for everyone who enjoys the quality of a traditional and fresh meal, ready to go. By weight, in individual portions or in a family format, Cozinha Continente brings tasty, quality, fresh meals for all tastes to families’ homes.







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