Filipa Appleton, Head of Brand & Marketing at Continente, presented today the brand’s new communication platform, which marks the beginning of an innovative approach to communication and market positioning. The presentation, which revealed a strategic approach designed to effectively meet the needs of families under the motto “Continente belongs to everyone”, took place at the new Continente Bom Dia Largo do Rato, located in the former ‘Auto-Palace’ garage’s building, recovered by MC.

Continente reaffirms its positioning as an inclusive leader, capable of covering all budgets, preferences and realities, ensuring that the diversity of its offer and price solutions are accessible and competitive. Continente stands out for offering a personalized experience to consumers, allowing each individual to be whom they want to be, adapting to their specific needs in terms of prices, products, services and formats. It is the place where all consumers can find answers, promoting the idea that no one needs to adapt to what is available, because the brand already adapts to each consumer, offering customer empowerment and personalization.

Crosscutting messages such as “Continente is the place for all prices”, “Continente is the place for all solutions” and “Continente is the place of all options”, communicate the diversity of the brand’s offering, reinforcing that Continente belongs to everyone.

The new strategy is anchored in four fundamental pillars: Price, Value & Variety, Quality and Responsibility. These pillars make up a comprehensive plan that reflects the essential elements of Continente’s value proposition, relying on innovation as a transversal characteristic. Innovation is a constant in all the messages that will be shared throughout the year, which highlights Continente’s commitment to always being at the forefront of consumer expectations and offering distinct and personalized experiences.

Filipa Appleton, Head of Brand & Marketing at Continente, states “Continente’s new communication platform represents more than a strategic evolution; it is a direct response to our consumers’ desires, offering a personalized and inclusive experience that speaks directly to each family. Continente reinforces its commitment to remaining close to consumers, presenting not only products and services that meet their needs, but also communication that resonates with their expectations and aspirations.”

The new communication strategy counts on the collaboration of Gabriela Barros, an actor recognized for her versatility, who will personify the brand’s diverse narratives, contributing to an authentic representation of Continente, at different times and platforms.


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