For sale at all Continente stores, next to the bakery area, ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) filled with KITKAT® Spread is the new edition of the brand’s original recipe, which stands out for its milk chocolate filling with light and crunchy cookie. The new croissant is a limited edition and is available until September. This is a partnership between Continente and one of the chocolate brands most recognized and preferred by consumers and, unlike the other fillings that are sold separately, this edition of ‘O Nosso Croissant’ is already filled with KITKAT®.

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‘O Nosso Croissant’ is the result of an exclusive recipe, which stands out for its half-brioche, half-puff pastry and its crispy crust. This limited edition filled with KITKAT® Spread joins the other 4 fillings sold separately - egg candy, chocolate and hazelnut, Dulce de Leche and red berries. They are all produced in Portugal and are available in single-dose or tasting pack format in all stores.

This national product has registered a very high repetition rate by our customers who have started to consider it in their regular consumption. We will continue to surprise our customers with new ‘O Nosso Croissant’ flavours, in this case with one of everyone’s favourite chocolate brands, KITKAT®”, explains Catarina Simões, Category Leader of MC’s Bakery/Pastry.

Pedro Emídio, Brand Manager Confectionery at Nestlé Professional adds: “This partnership allows us to fulfil the brand’s ambition to multiply the number of KITKAT® breaks, bringing smiles and fun and delicious moments to more and more consumers.

Produced in Portugal and rolled by hand, ‘O Nosso Croissant’, as well as the fillings, were thought out in detail, from the meticulous improvement of the recipe to the development of the brand’s identity, to the presentation in the store and the personalized packaging - boxes or paper bags.


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