In the year in which it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Missão Continente challenges entrepreneurs to think of solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, which will be important for the sustainable development of communities, through Missão Continente Hackathon’s first edition.

Participants can submit their projects online until June 15th. The discussion of ideas, as well as the choice of the winner, will take place on June 20th, 2023, at the ‘Aldeia da Inovação Social’, in Aldeia da Luz, in Alentejo. The winning group will win a prize of 1,500€ and the second and third place finishers 1,000€ and 500€, respectively.

With the commitment to Support the Community, Inclusive Development and Environmental Citizenship, thus wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future, Missão Continente challenges participants to develop technological solutions to 1) impact the development of solidarity campaigns to collect donations and 2) find ways to have Missão Continente School (the educational program that sensitizes students to healthy eating, active lifestyles and conscious consumption) reach all children in the national territory, through mechanisms of content universalization.

This Hackathon, born from the challenge launched by the Portugal Social Innovation (PIS) initiative for Missão Continente to join the Social Innovation Village, is an initiative open to all, and was designed to promote reflection on social innovation and find new ways for Missão Continente to act, encouraging the creation of disruptive solutions.

Missão Continente is Continente’s brand of social responsibility, anchored in the values ​​of community, mutual help, care for others, in the search for a sustainable future. It is committed to Sustainability, contributing positively to the communities in which it operates and acting on three axes: Food, People and Planet. Together with several partners and national reference entities, it responds to social needs and reinforces the idea that each of us must play our role, whether big or small, in helping each other.

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