MC, a brand of which Continente is part of, has just launched the ‘Better Together’ Podcast, presented by Carolina Patrocínio, with the aim of raising awareness of the company’s values, through intimate conversations with employees.




In each episode, two MC guests tell stories, based on MC’s five core values: We Lead with Impact, We Drive Tomorrow, We Move Forward Together, We Streamline Challenges and We Do What’s Right. The guests represent different areas of the company’s business, from technology to logistics, such as social responsibility and sustainability.

The podcast features 5 episodes, broadcast weekly until October 25th, the first of which is already online. The episodes are available in video on YouTube and in audio version on Spotify and have an average duration of 20 minutes.

“At a time when attracting talent is an increasingly complex and challenging process, especially due to the adjustment between the values of each employee and the purpose of the companies they decide to work for, this MC’s podcast aims to tell the story of our people, as they tell us about themselves, their individual skills and characteristics, the stages they have gone through within this universe. But, at the same time, they talk about their experience, the challenges they faced, the successes achieved and the behind-the-scenes situations never revealed before” explains Vera Rodrigues, Head of People at MC.

MC has been investing and focusing on the strategy of internal mobility and development of the people it has in its teams, in order to meet the company’s needs, increasingly based on the potential it has internally identified, offering challenging professional paths where people have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, inspired by agile and humane leadership and integrated into a well-being culture that promotes a good work-life balance.


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