The ‘Cozinh’arte Oliveira da Serra’ stage, presented by Carolina Torres, brings together chefs and unusual guests - musicians, YouTubers and Tiktokers - to cook together at the Continente Food Festival, which takes place at Porto’s City Park, on July 8th and 9th, with free admission. The space will feature simultaneous translation into Portuguese sign language.

The purpose of this stage is to provide an inspiring intersection between food and art, through a set of fun challenges in which the audience also participates. Cozinh’arte will also include the participation of well-known Chefs Noélia Jerónimo, Chakall, Hélio Loureiro and Kiko Martins.

On each day’s first sessions ‘The Audience Is in Charge’, at 11:00am, the audience votes in advance on one of the recipes proposed by the guests - Diogo Costa and Catarina Filipe - and the cook Hélio Catarino (@oimaginario) teaches how to execute the winning recipe together with the guests on stage.

At 12:15 p.m., the public is challenged by Gastão Reis to decide which guests - Owhana, Miguel Fersou and ‘Gosto de Batatas’ - will advance to the final, which will be held the following day (the 9th), where ‘The worst cook in the world’ will be determined.

At ‘Comicome’, at 13:45pm, digital influencers Pierre Zago and Miguel Paraíso cook together with Gastão Reis and Marco Costa - and the public also participates in the challenges.

At 16:15 and 18:00, at ‘Gastronomix’, the musical guests - Romana, Saúl, Luke d’Eça and Miguel and Mariana - interact with the Chefs Kiko Martins, Chakall, Noélia Jerónimo and Hélio Loureiro - in the creation of a recipe, while performing brief performances.

The festival’s full programme and music line-up are announced through the brand’s platforms and social networks.

Cozinh’arte Oliveira da Serra Stage’s Complete programme

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