Around 500,000 people spent this weekend at the ‘Continente Food Festival’, in Porto’s City Park. An event that combined the spectacle of music with food, featuring the performance of national and international artists and the tasting of traditional dishes prepared by seven renowned Chefs. Between July 9th and 10th, the various dining spaces available served more than 50,000 meals.

António Loureiro, Chakall, Cris Mota, Hélio Loureiro, Justa Nobre, Manuel Almeida and Rui Paula served tens of thousands of meals at the ‘Cozinha Continente’ (Continente Kitchen) area, presenting dishes such as Iberian Pork with Mushrooms, Paella, Brazilian ‘Feijoada’, Porto-style Tripe , Old-fashioned Duck Rice with cabbage, Cod Loin with cornbread crust and octopus curry, which delighted those who tasted them. In total, the festival served visitors more than 50,000 meals.

Tony Carreira, David Carreira, Fernando Daniel, Nenny, Daniela Mercury, Pedro Abrunhosa and Carolina Deslandes were the seven artists who performed on the Continente stage, featuring guests such as Agir, Piruka and Mickael Carreira, and who won over thousands of visitors with their performances.

On the ‘Cozinh’Arte’ stage, moderated by Marta Bateira (Beatriz Gosta), the Chefs were put to the test, competing against talents in music, humour and social networks. Filipa Gomes, Irma, Luís Trigacheiro, PZ, Paulo Vintém, Hugo Sousa, Hélio Imaginário, João Sousa, Lucas with Strangers, Miguel Magalhães and Mariana Guerra are some of the names that have made this one of the most sought after spaces. In ‘Praça dos Vinhos’ (Wine Square), visitors carried out more than 150 thousand tastings and in the Continente Academy’s area several specialists, such as Chefs, nutritionists and winemakers, provided workshops to more than 350 people.

At the end of the festival, all surplus food from the Chefs’ kitchens and other areas of the venue were donated to Porto’s Food Bank Against Hunger as well as to Refood, with the aim of avoiding food waste and, at the same time, supporting the local community – areas of activity of recognized importance for the brand.

With the aim of raising awareness for healthy eating and conscious consumption (such as the preference for national and seasonal foods or the importance of recycling), Missão Continente School also made itself present through a game in which thousands of families participated.

Featuring an area of ​​200,000 m2, the 4th Continente Food Festival was a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in two days full of gastronomic experiences, from showcookings, workshops and food tastings, wine tastings, barbecues, a giant wheel and a children’s area, with activities for the younger ones, and even for our four-legged friends - more than 500 dogs came through the ZU space.

Continente, through the Food Festival, aims to democratize access to entertainment through music, gastronomy with renowned Chefs, and provide great family moments with the multiple free activities accessible to all who visit this festival.

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