For the tomorrow of
our Products

-1,305 TON of sugar, salt, and fat in 350 optimized products
+37M€ in prevented food waste
74.7% of reciclable plastic packaging

Our vision

Creating the products of tomorrow represents a massive incentive for our Teams. Not only because of the challenge it represents, which is intrinsic to the development of a wide-ranging and comprehensive product offering, which is high-level quality, distinctive and innovative at competitive prices, but also due to the urgency of rethinking this and supporting a transition to a more regenerative mode of production. One which will positively impact climate and nature, respecting the planet's limits while simultaneously responding in a safe and resilient way to the needs of a growing population.

Thus, and with the ambition of contributing to the democratisation of offering access to a healthy and sustainable shopping cart, we have developed a set of initiatives with our Suppliers and Clients. These initiatives contribute to the protection and preservation of ecosystems and better use of natural resources, while promoting a healthy and responsible consumer behaviour.


Promoting healthy eating habits

In 2021 we nutritionally optimised 350 private label goods. This equates to a reduction of 800 tonnes of sugar, 120 tonnes of salt and 385 tonnes of saturated fat. We also removed palm oil from 80 of our products.

Food waste

We highlight the progress made via mechanisms to accelerate product flow and the Food Surplus Donation Programme. We avoided more than € 37 million worth of waste within this scope.


By year-end, our plastic packaging recycling rate was circa 74.7%, per Sociedade Ponto Verde matrix. This represents a 1.9p.p increase compared to 2020. In terms of incorporation of recycled raw materials, this figure stood at 11.8%.