Product includes vaccines, consultations, deworming, check-ups and several discounts

ZU Health Box. The health plan for dogs and cats that guarantees savings all year round

There is a health plan for dogs and cats that allows Portuguese families to save on their pets’ health care. Its name is ZU Health Box and it includes vaccines, consultations at special prices, deworming, check-ups, and even offers benefits and discounts on the main food brands throughout the year. The solution is available at the ZU stores’ Veterinary Clinics, MC’s specialized retail brand dedicated to the pets’ well-being and health care.

The ZU Health Box exists in four versions: the Junior versions for Dogs and for Cats, as well as the Adult versions for Dogs and for Cats. These guarantee access to veterinary services (vaccines, consultations and check-ups), deworming (internal and external at special prices), bathing and grooming (ear cleaning and nail trimming) and discounts on food, namely in brands such as ‘Royal Canin’, ‘Purina PRO PLAN’, ‘Acana’, ‘Advance’, ‘Aruba’, ‘Nature’s Variety’, ‘Weego’, ‘Natura Diet’ and ‘Earth Animal’.

The product consists of a physical box, which contains cards that can be used throughout the year, following the annual medical care plan that the pet needs. ZU will help tutors to choose the modality that best suits the animal’s age, as well as to schedule the use of the various cards over the months.

This health plan is the ideal solution to ensure the pets’ well-being throughout the year. It is important to emphasize that the animals’ health is the first concern of their guardians, who can count on our team of veterinarians to plan and advice on what is essential to keep their pets healthy. In addition, the ZU Health Box offers discounts on the main food brands, allowing families to maintain a specialized and high-nutrition diet for their pets, in a period that is especially challenging for the family budget. ZU keeps insisting, as always, on providing the best solutions and being on the side of Portuguese families”, explains Ana Cardoso, commercial director at ZU.

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