A Portuguese Machine Indeed!” is Yämmi’s new edition’s signature. Continente’s kitchen robot was launched in partnership with Chef Hélio Loureiro. This special edition, available from today in all Continente and Worten physical and online stores, is for sale for €469.

The special edition is made up of a Yammi2 White, a white cup with a transparent lid that allows to see the recipe being made, and a white steam tray. It also includes two cookbooks, with a total of more than 260 recipes - “Essential Recipes” and “Portuguese Cooking with Chef Hélio Loureiro”.

The “Portuguese Cooking with Chef Hélio Loureiro” book has over 100 recipes, 30 of which are XL, traditional Portuguese from all regions of Portugal, for all occasions. This book also includes Grandmothers' secrets and wine suggestions to accompany each recipe, as well as lots of practical food advice. Customers can also check, through this book, a calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The book can be purchased separately at Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online, Go Natural, Note! and Worten stores, for €19.80, with a 10% discount over the publisher’s price.

Yämmi assumes itself as a state-of-the-art household appliance of the Continente brand, with the commitment to making life easier for the Portuguese by democratizing access to kitchen robots, featuring national design and production.

In addition to providing a varied set of accessories that fully meet the needs of the consumer, Yämmi is the only equipment of its kind that allows using, on the same machine, the XL cup or pan, through its patented system, which allows placing different parts on the same robot.

Learn more at continente.pt and yammi.pt

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