The World Cheese Awards, one of the main and most prestigious global cheese competitions, distinguished five of Continente’s cheeses, namely the ‘Continente Seleção São Jorge PDO 7 Months cheese’, which was awarded the Super Gold medal, awarded only to 98 participants, two of which from Portugal.

The ‘Continente Seleção Azeitão PDO cheese’ and the ‘Continente Seleção buffalo camembert (250g)’ were evaluated with a Silver grade and the ‘Continente Seia buttered sheep cheese’ and the ‘Continente Manchego PDO 6 months (250g)’ were distinguished with a bronze medal.

The competition awarded a total of 13 Portuguese cheeses, with medals ranging from bronze to super gold.

The World Cheese Awards’ 34th edition took place in Wales, in early November, and evaluated more than 4,000 cheeses from over 40 countries. The 250 international judges evaluated characteristics that range from cheese’s rind and paste appearance, aroma, body and texture, to the taste and mouthfeel.

Continente Seleção S. Jorge PDO 7 Months cheese 400gSuper Gold€5.99
Continente Seleção buffalo camembert 250gSilver€4.89
Continente Seleção Azeitão PDO cheese (Unit)Silver€6.99
Continente Manchego PDO 6 months cheese 250gBronze€3.99
Continente Seia buttered sheep cheese (Unit)Bronze€8.89


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