Continente, Well’s and Maxmat are recruiting at “Dia D’Emprego”

The company has around 200 job vacancies for Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Well’s and Maxmat stores.

On the 24th of April, Sonae MC will open exclusive applications for the Algarve region, to fulfill the 200 job vacancies available for the Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Well’s and Maxmat stores. The event is part of the ‘Dia D’Emprego’ initiative and occurs at all Continente and Well’s stores* in Algarve, starting at 10am.

Those interested in initiating or continuing a career in retail need only to show up at one of the regional stores, apply by filling in the registration form and wait for the interview call, which may happen on the exact same day.

In 2018, the ‘Dia D’Emprego’ action received over 500 applications, outweighing by four times the available vacancies in that year. With the aim to continue to contribute for regional employability levels, Paula Abreu, HR Lead of Sonae MC said “The Dia D’Emprego is an initiative that brings us closer to the algarvian community and we hope for an as good or even better participation level than last year – when we employed over 150 people.

This year, there are over 200 vacancies to fulfill and it’s very inspiring for us to be able to gather hundreds of applicants at Continente and Well’s stores on the same day, attracting and retaining talent and, consequentially, influencing the local economyT in a positive way.”

*Participant Continente stores:
1. Continente Guia
2. Continente Portimão
3. Continente Tavira
4. Continente Modelo Albufeira
5. Continente Modelo Loulé
6. Continente Modelo Silves
7. Continente Modelo Faro II
8. Continente Modelo Olhão
9. Continente Modelo Lagos
10. Continente Modelo Quarteira
11. Continente Bom Dia Armação de Pêra
12. Continente Bom Dia Faro
13. Continente Bom Dia Olhão
14. Continente Bom Dia Vila Real de Santo António
15. Continente Loulé
16. Continente Portimão II

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