So what’s up with plastics? Continente answers with website

Entirely dedicated to plastics, Continente’s new digital platform aggregates innumerous informative and educational content, whose main objective is to sensitize and enlighten consumers on the subject.

In a period when society is discussing concerns related with environmental preservation and sustainability, Continente presents today a comprehensive platform dedicated to the plastics issue and its conscious consumption, available at

By taking on its mobilizing role and promoting a responsible use of this material and behaviors as recycling and reusing, the brand accomplishes, with the platform’s launch, an important milestone in the prosecution of this fundamental goal for a healthier and sustainable future.

With contents from national to international news, tips and suggestions, initiatives and commitments, Continente’s “Plástico Responsável” platform not only explores the plastics’ issue in depth, but also comes up with an array of measures that consumers can implement and experiment in their daily lives regarding this material’s consumption.

The release arises in the framework of the brand’s “Commitment for a Responsible Use of Plastics”, and proceeds multiple initiatives that Continente has been developing, amongst which can be stressed out the signature of the international Ellen MacArthur Foundation pact “New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” (in cooperation with the UN Program for the Environment), the intention to guarantee 100% of the over four thousand packages of private label are reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 and the pilot-project to offer an alternative to the conventional fruits and vegetables plastic bags.

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