SONAE MC purchases renewable power annually from Shell

Sonae MC, through its subsidiary Elergone Energia, has entered into a long-term corporate power purchase agreement for around 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable power annually from Shell Energy Europe Ltd.

“This deal with Shell is an important milestone for our achievement of carbon neutrality by 2040, as Sonae publicy announced recently. As part of the Sonae group, Sonae MC is completely aligned with having 100% carbon-free operations within the next two decades, 10 years ahead of the European Union goal, because we believe the planet can’t wait much longer. There’s a vigorous plan in place to achieve such change, that obviously includes resorting to clean energy, from renewable sources, on all our operations (from stores to warehouses), amongst other initiatives such as fleet electrification, for example. We were the first company in the Portuguese retail and distribution market to present an official Environmental Policy, in 1998, because sustainability is deeply rooted in our DNA since the beginning," explained José Fortunato, Executive Administrator of Sonae MC.

Rupen Tanna, GM Power at Shell Energy Europe, said: “Shell is offering a growing range of renewable energy solutions to customers. This long-term agreement enables Shell to continue supporting the growth of renewable power across the Iberian Peninsula.”

In 2020, Elergone, part of the Sonae MC group, bought 685 GWh of electricity to meet the energy needs of its many industrial customers in Portugal, as well as the needs of the companies of its mother company the SONAE Group (685 GWh is around 4% of Portugal’s total industrial electric power demand).

About Elergone Energia

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