Buying second-hand clothes from major brands is now possible at Continente stores through the new ‘[RE]Style’ space created in the brand’s stores’ textile area, which aims to give second-hand clothes a new opportunity and reinforce MC’s commitment to sustainability.

The pilot project is available at Continente GaiaShopping, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and at Continente Colombo, in Lisbon, but the expansion plan for more stores will take place throughout 2023.

‘[RE]Style’ launched in partnership with the Portuguese company ‘Retry’, which already operates in the market for buying and selling second-hand clothes through its online platform. The range available in Continente stores is based on men’s and women’s clothing, featuring pieces of different styles and brands.

According to the Textile Category Leader at MC, Graça Fernandes, “as a leading retailer, we know that it is our duty to find and implement measures that seek to minimize the impact of our activity and that contribute to a sustainable development. This project aims to give new life to second-hand clothes and allows our customers to purchase items from reputable fashion brands at our stores, with confidence and at very appealing prices”.

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