KASA presents a new autumn-winter collection

While reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, KASA presents two new Autumn/Winter collections, launches the first water filter jug that is 100% ​​designed and produced in Portugal and completely changes the way it sells bed linen. All this while reinforcing novelties in all categories and national production.

The democratization of access to design and new trends, the strengthening of national production - with more than 75% Portuguese products -, the functionality and ease of choosing products are the main values ​​of Continente’s Home and Decor brand – KASA - which has just launched the 'Botanic' and 'Rustic Stripes' collections for the new season.

‘BOTANIC’ is a chic nature and vintage collection, where roasted tones, browns, terracotta and golden details dominate. It features illustrations that are reminiscent of older homes, but it is a warm, welcoming and sophisticated collection that marks a new era in home decor. The ‘RUSTIC STRIPES’ collection is inspired by geometry, stripes and plaid. It brings simplicity and comfort to homes with straight lines, geometric patterns and sober colours – from eggplant to bluish grey.

The influencer Madalena Abecasis is the ambassador for these new collections and shows off her favourite pieces in the Autumn-Winter catalogue.

To make life easier for families and protect the environment, KASA presents the first 100% nationally designed and produced water filtering Jug. In partnership with the University of Porto (engineering and fine arts) and national producers, the jug was developed to be faster and more effective in purifying and improving the taste of non-bottled water.

The new ‘Aqualeve KASA’ jug is stable and easy to pour (due to its new base, spout, but also the cross angle at the front) and can be easily handled by the youngest or the most senior. The jug’s filter change display is simple, numerical and Braille readable, it fits on all refrigerator doors and is dishwasher safe. At the end of its life, the jug is entirely recyclable.

By 2021, 90% of KASA product packaging is already recyclable and, like all products sold on Continente, have recycling iconography incorporated, to make the sorting of materials easier. This sustainable transformation movement is transversal to all KASA categories, where bedroom textiles are one of the outstanding examples. In bed linen, the plastic from the sheets’ packaging was removed, allowing a further 11 tonnes of plastic/year to be reduced in this product segment. In packaging where plastic was kept, PVP was replaced by PP, a type of plastic that can be recycled and reused.

In addition to this movement and change for the environment, the way to help the customer buy bed linen, in the store, was rethought. The packaging has information about the characteristics and function of each item by size and colour.

The Botanic and Rustic Stripes collections were created by a great Portuguese team that knows, like few others, what customers like, want and need. They know what customers want changed and what they don't want to miss. With reinvigorated mission and passion by knowing that families have counted on Continente and KASA in the most challenging moments, the new collections bring trends, colours and patterns designed in quality products, at democratic prices and with reinforcement of national production” reveals Cristina Braga da Cruz, Director of Product Development at Sonae MC.

There was great care in the choice of colour and in updating the design that matches previous choices and collections. We combine design, aesthetics and function with the necessary elasticity to be able to enter any family's home. The mix & match of different colours and textures will always be the brand's DNA, as well as the harmony of current tastes and desires of these collections and season with what the brand has previously offered”, explains the Sonae MC’s official.

The new catalogue also reveals KASA's commitment to offering different options of furniture for work spaces at home, indoor and outdoor furniture and customer favourites, such as designer chairs, at low prices.

The Autumn-Winter catalogue also has an augmented digital version with additional pages and audio-visual content, which adds to the printed version, available at kasa.continente.pt.

And for those who like to choose products at the store, the “Mais Continente” digital kiosks allow customers to order and pay at the store, with the items subsequently being delivered to the customer's home. These kiosks are present in all Continente hyper stores and in several Continente Modelo and Continente Bom dia stores.

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