Portuguese contribute with more than €1.600.000 to Ukraine

More than 1 million Continente customers have contributed to the ‘Ukraine Support Mission’, Missão Continente’s fundraising campaign to face the social emergency that is plaguing Europe.

The 1.6 million euros raised will revert in full to the Portuguese Red Cross Emergency Fund, in order to respond to the needs of the population affected by the conflicts in Ukraine, as identified in the field (blankets, tents, medical equipment, among others), as well as to the refugees who, in the meantime, have already arrived and will continue to arrive in Portugal (clothes, medicines, food, etc.).

Between the 4th and the 27th of March, the Portuguese made their contribution by purchasing €1 and €5 vouchers, at the Continente Card app as well as Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online, Meu Super, Go Natural, Bagga, Wells, Dr. Wells, Note!, ZU, Home Story and MO stores, from across the country. Missão Continente contributed with its own donation of 100 thousand euros, the brands ‘Zippy’ and ‘Losan’ jointly donated 10 thousand euros and the Portuguese Football Federation also donated 10 thousand euros. Also, the value-added phone calls promoted in the various TVI programs, during the entire period in which the action took place, raised around 70 thousand euros.

According to Ana Jorge, President of the Portuguese Red Cross, “this is a critical moment for Europe, but we recognize the immense generosity of people from all over the world who are mobilizing to provide aid. The Ukrainian Red Cross, as well as from bordering countries, have already supported more than 3 million people and, in Portugal, within one month, we surpassed more than 1,900 people who, after having to flee their country, are looking, here, for a safe place to live. Water, shelter, food and safety continue to be the most pressing needs and monetary donations are the best way for us to be able to provide an effective and sustained over time response to the populations affected by these conflicts. We have already become accustomed to being able to rely on Missão Continente’s support, a faithful partner for Good Causes, and this initiative has once again reinforced that working together always has concrete results”. 

The Ukraine Support Mission proved to be the campaign with the highest amount ever raised by Missão Continente, in a joint effort with the Portuguese Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which are a part of the largest humanitarian network in the world and coordinate the international aid provided by national societies to disaster victims. 

José Fortunato, President of Missão Continente, explains that “we decided to join forces with the Red Cross because we believe in its ability to act in Portugal and abroad, and, at a time when we appeal to the generosity of the Portuguese, it is imperative to work with trusted and reliable partners. February 24th, 2022 will go down in history for the worst reasons, but we believe that the collective will to do good can be just as, or even more, powerful. With this campaign, the mission to support populations in fragile situations takes on a scale never seen before, with the best results ever – more than 1.6 million euros –, proving that Portuguese solidarity and kindness are unshakable. We will never give up doing our part in defending the values ​​of democracy and peace, supporting those who are most affected, and we are grateful for all those who believed in this mission and supported it by making their contribution.

Learn more at: www.missao.continente.pt.

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