On Continente “There will always be Christmas”

“There will always be Christmas” is the motto of the campaign that Continente presents tomorrow on TV, radio, outdoors, press and digital platforms, in a tribute to traditions and the Christmas season. The campaign integrates the ‘Cantares de Manhouce’ in an allusion to the importance of maintaining roots during this season, defending Portuguese nationality and family unity.

Continente's new multimedia campaign shows that, despite great changes, there will always be hope, kindness, affection, joy, tradition and flavour in our families' homes this Christmas. The whole family does its best to maintain the tradition because despite the season being celebrated in smaller groups, there will always be a lit tree, a child rejoicing with the arrival of Santa Claus and a table with traditional meals, such as cod, turkey, octopus and the usual desserts. The film has the creativity of 'FUEL' and production by 'Ministério dos Filmes'.

For Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC, “although we are going through a difficult context, we want, above all, to send a message of hope and give encouragement to the Portuguese. This campaign aims to communicate that the true Christmas spirit is always within each one of us and that is why there will always be Christmas. The campaign continues what we have been communicating throughout the year: hope, recognition and encouragement to all Portuguese families because it is with them that we have been for over 35 years and it is to them that we want to continue to dedicate our attention.

The traditional music group 'Cantares de Manhouce' was founded in 1978 in S. Pedro do Sul, in the district of Viseu. Isabel Silvestre, known as the group's lead and soloist, has sung with countless Portuguese artists including Amália Rodrigues and with the band GNR in the song 'Pronúncia do Norte'. The Singing Group sings traditional songs from Manhouce and its main characteristic is to be sung in three voices, without musical accompaniment.

Producer: Ministério Dos Filmes
Executive Producer: Alberto M. Rodrigues
Director: José Pedro Sousa
Art Director: Sofia Pereira
Director of Photography: Carlos Lopes “kaka”
Production Director: Sandra Serrão
Food Stylist: Cristina Maya
Sound Director: Ricardo Sequeira
Post-Production: Duarte Ribeiro
Video Post-Production: Ingreme
Audio post-production: Indigo

Creative director: João Madeira
Copywriter: Sofia Menezes
Art Director: Tanja Costa
Production Director: Pedro Silva
Audiovisual Producer: Vasco Pamplona
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account Executive: Catarina Anacleto

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