It was with the Christmas ‘crazes’ in mind, that all families have during this season, that Continente created the ‘There is no Christmas like ours’ Christmas campaign. The multimedia campaign is on air with the story of a mother-in-law who “takes” her Christmas to her daughter-in-law's house: fried pumpkin cakes, Portuguese queen cake, marble sponge cake, and much, much more.

The campaign, created by Fuel and produced by Krypton, is featured on television, MUPI advertisements, radio, online and in stores and is has a light and relaxed setting, with humour and relaxed stories, so that the Portuguese can relate to the Christmas traditions - From those who open presents before midnight, to those who open them in the morning; to the mother who can't do without taking her fried pumpkin cakes to her son's house, or the typical envelope gifted by grandparents; the traditional cod that lasts all week or that cousin that always shows up unannounced. Christmas that is Christmas must have it all, and that is Continente's new campaign’s motto.

For Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC, “we want to approach the Christmas season in a lighter and more humorous tone, continuing what we have been communicating throughout the year, with fun stories to which Portuguese families can relate to, because ‘there is no Christmas like ours’”.

Production: Krypton
Director: Fred Oliveira
Executive Producers: João Vilela / Ricardo Estevão
Production Direction: Alexandra Ribeiro /Ana Ribeiro
DOP: Sergi Gallardo
Post-Production Coordination: Neia Oliveira
Editor: José Barreiros
Music: Pedro Macedo Camacho
Sound Studio: Indigo
Image Studio: Lightfilm
Creative Director: João Madeira da Silva
Creative Supervisors: Rita Carmo and Rúben Santos
Editor: Sofia Menezes
Art Director: Tanja Costa
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account: Catarina Anacleto

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