Official sticker album to support the Portugal national football team

Continente, official sponsor of the Portuguese Football Federation and all Portugal National Football Teams, has just launched the 3rd edition of the ‘Fome de Vencer’ sticker album, together with Panini. The goal is to support the National team in the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, from November 20th to December 18th.

Until November 20th, Continente Card customers, for every 20 euro purchase, will receive a packet with 4 stickers to fill in the official sticker album. In total, there are 108 stickers to collect. The ‘Fome de Vencer’ sticker album is available in all Continente stores for €3.99.

Among this 3rd edition of the ‘Fome de Vencer’ sticker album’s novelties, the National Team players’ lesser-known stories stand out, namely, how they take care of their physical and mental health, what they like to do most outside the pitch, their hobbies and the solidarity actions they promote.

In order to impact the youngest, Continente’s official sticker album to support the Portugal National Football Team aims to demonstrate that following a healthy diet and helping those who need it the most is as important as sports and physical activity.

The 3rd edition of the ‘Fome de Vencer’ sticker album also features waste fighting mechanics. In order to prevent the back of the stickers from ending up in the trash, these can be turned into cards for a board game available on the sticker album’s last page, which is ideal for fans of the national team who want to test their football knowledge and challenge friends and family.

In addition to the sticker album and the physical stickers, the ‘Fome de Vencer’ app (free download available for Android and iOS) has extra content, a quiz and also allows to manage the collection through the digital record of the stickers already collected, in addition to other features.

For Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at MC, “this sticker album once again reinforces Continente’s promise of being together with the Portuguese in supporting the National Team and our vision of football - a symbol of entertainment, celebration and unity. This sticker album demonstrates that football is much more than a sport: it can be a pretext for socializing, joining in celebration with family and friends, and promoting healthy competition, respect, and the importance of fair play.”

Continente recognizes symbols of nationality, unity, tolerance and family in the National Football Teams, values ​​aligned with the positioning of the Continente brand which, for over 36 years, has as mission to accompany the Portuguese people and democratize access to unforgettable experiences, such as being part of a full stadium supporting their team.

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