Nutri Essence – Wells’ new exclusive brand

Nutri Essence: Wells’ new exclusive brand combines science with nature for a healthy hair

Aware of the growing demand for hair care that combines naturalness with effectiveness, Wells, a brand specialised in health, wellness and beauty, has just launched ‘NutriEssence’ – an exclusive brand with proven results, which democratizes access to specialised care for a healthy and radiant hair.

All products were developed with up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin combined with collagen and a boost of vitamins, which are essential to maintain the hair structure, hydrate and rejuvenate the hair strands in order to result in a stronger and shinier hair and a healthy growth. Vegan, paraben free and dermatologically tested.

Nutri Essence hits the market with 4 hair care ranges to meet different hair needs. Two of those ranges are aimed at specific problems: ‘Active Revitalization’, for dandruff control, and ‘Strength Stimulant’, with anti-hair loss action, which visibly reduces hair loss in 6 weeks, perfect for the new season! There are also two functional ranges: ‘Sensitive Routine’ for sensitive scalps and ‘Hydration Boost’ to hydrate and repair damaged hair.

Eduarda Taveira, responsible for Wells’ Private and Exclusive Labels, explains that “NutriEssence is an exclusive brand, developed with innovative ingredients, such as collagen, in order to respond to new market trends, always ensuring a quality product at a price accessible to everyone. There are 9 references that strengthen the hair care category, which now gains a new expression at Wells.

NutriEssence, a range for every hair’s need, accessible to everyone:

  • Active Revitalization – shampoo – eliminates visible dandruff in just 1 use and reduces all types of dandruff in 6 weeks, also preventing any recurrence.

  • Strength Stimulant – shampoo and ampoules – specially developed with both weakening hair and hair loss in mind. It leaves the scalp feeling fresh and clean and visibly reduces hair loss in 6 weeks.

  • Sensitive Routine – shampoo and conditioner – suitable for sensitive scalps: it reduces rashes and itching, cleans and protects the hair from the effects of pollution, has a detangling action and provides deep hydration.

  • Hydration Boost – shampoo, conditioner, masks and oil – deeply nourishes and hydrates hair from root to tip, reduces existing damage and provides 2x more shine.

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