Within the scope of the ‘Hope for Fulanis’ partnership, Continente launched ‘Pasta Mix Frutos Secos Continente’ (Continente Mixed Nuts Paste), a product that promotes healthy nutrition and also access to basic nutrition for children living in Guinea-Bissau, similarly to what was done in 2021 with ‘Pasta 100% Caju Continente’ (Continente 100% Cashew Paste). Containing peanuts, cashews and hazelnuts, this paste is a source of protein.

A portion of the sales of the Continente Mixed Nuts Paste (RRP €3.99) goes towards continuing to promote access to basic nutrition for children in the interior of Guinea-Bissau, through a centre for the prevention of child malnutrition, which guarantees access to free meals for hundreds of Guinean children, thus contributing as an incentive for schooling and for their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Through the sale of the 100% Cashew Paste, Continente has already provided around 53,500 breakfasts for these children. The children have been monitored by nutritionists and doctors from ‘Hope for Fulanis’, who have been confirming their positive evolution. The first Food Support Centre has already started its social intervention and 150 students were helped during this first school cycle, which started in October 2021.

The expectation is that, with this new product, the Mixed Nuts Paste, for sale in all Continente stores, more meals will be ensured.

According to Tânia Lucas, Private Labels’ Director at MC, “with the help of our customers, Missão Continente was able to assist ‘Hope for Fulanis’ to start a daring process, the building of a new Centre. The complete project aims to build 6 modules to provide support in the area of ​​Nutrition, Health and Education and the first two modules are already built, so we expect to have them operational at the beginning of the 2022/23 school year. This building is located in a strategic area and will be the support epicentre for all villages within a 50km radius, welcoming more than 150 children, and offering basic health support to hundreds of families and young people from neighbouring communities, in addition to food reinforcement with a specific supervision in cases of malnutrition”.

‘Hope for Fulanis’, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has been developing, since 2000, several projects in the area of ​​health, education, child nutrition, professional training and access to drinking water in the interior of Guinea-Bissau. Having, as a priority, access to quality basic education as a right for all children and the fight against child malnutrition, which continues to be one of the greatest scourges of global health and the greatest cause of child mortality, ‘Hope for Fulanis’ has a protocol of action and incentive to schooling within the scope of the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) and has already founded 15 primary schools, which enrol more than 1,900 children and influence more than 5,000 people a year.

This project is supported by Missão Continente, whose axes of action include encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle, investing in social impact projects that transform and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, and acting together with communities, helping them grow, be more sustainable and respond to social and environmental challenges.

Eradicating poverty and hunger, promoting quality health and education, as well as gender equality, helping with the collection of clean water and sanitation, reducing inequalities and promoting Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions are the 8 sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations (UN), to which Missão Continente intends to contribute with this initiative.

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