Continente joined the food app with 41 of its stores, and is the first Iberian retailer to join the Too Good To Go app’s “Observar, Cheirar, Provar” (Look, Smell, Taste) initiative, which aims to help consumers identify and better understand the shelf life of minimum durability products, by applying the respective seal on a selection of private label products.

Committed to fighting food waste and raising consumer awareness, Continente joins ‘Too Good To Go’, whose app already has more than 1 million users in Portugal, and makes ‘Magic Boxes’ available in 41 of its stores, mostly in Lisbon and Porto.

Responding to the growing demand from consumers for brands to be more active in food waste  fighting initiatives, and in line with the brand’s positioning in the fight against this issue, Continente is the first Iberian retailer to embrace the initiative that aims to help consumers identify and better understand the shelf life of products with minimum durability, - whose date is placed as an indicator of maximum quality, and not of food consumption safety limit - through the addition of an alert seal next to the expiration date label on the packaging. This action is scheduled to launch in October 2022, when Continente will be presenting the new products with the addition of the Too Good To Go app’s seal.

This seal, developed by the app, and which already circulates on products and on shelves all over Europe, appeals to the use of the senses - sight, smell and taste - so that the consumer evaluates the product, after the end of the expiration date on minimum durability products’ labels, attesting to whether it can still be consumed safely. According to the recent study ‘Reflect. Rethink. Reconsider. Why Food Waste is Everybody’s Problem’, by ‘CapGemini’, “in the last year, there has been an 80% increase in online searches to understand how to extend the life of food products at home.

For now, Too Good To Go app’s users can access Magic Boxes containing a selection of surplus food (quality food that was not sold during normal store hours) from the Take Away and Bakery sections, at any one of the 41 Continente stores, which are now available on the app. The user, when purchasing these Magic Boxes, always benefits from a 70% price reduction compared to the value of the products in the store. For instance, a selection of products worth €12 is sold, in the app, for €3.99.

Our user is aware of the importance of a more conscious and sustainable consumption, and sees in our app a cost benefit, which is also very relevant. A simple and practical way to acquire quality products at much more affordable prices, something that today, more than ever, makes a huge difference in families’ budgets" says Nuno Plácido, Too Good To Go Portugal’s General Director.

As the country’s leading food retailer, we have made this commitment – ​​to fight food waste – towards the community and the environment. Our vision is to achieve 0% waste, but we are aware that this is a mission that must be carried out collectively, with the participation and contribution of all. This partnership connects all parties and promotes a dynamic in which we all win: the business, the consumer and the Planet”, says Pedro Lago, Director of Circular Economy and Sustainability Projects at MC.

The Too Good To Go app has been presenting itself as a recurring strategic solution in the fight against food waste - nationally and globally - and that allows its partners to play a really active role in a real problem. A solution that benefits everyone involved because it allows partners to dispose of their food surplus and optimize some operating costs, and users to purchase quality food at more affordable prices, so that everyone contributes to a planet with zero food waste.

To redeem the Magic Boxes, just download the Too Good To Go app, which is available for free for IOS and Android. Then, do a search for establishments in your area and save the desired number of Magic Boxes - which varies from establishment to establishment. Finally, the user must go to the chosen establishment to carry out the collection. Payment is made through the app, and the receipt is generated at the time of collection, at the established place and time indicated in the app, by the establishment itself.

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