MYLABEL has a new perfumery line which comprises six Eau de Parfum and four Eau de Toilette, for men and women, for sale in all Continente stores and online, with a RRP, for 100 ml, of €10.99 and €7.99, respectively.

The brand’s goal is to launch a line of quality perfumes, which answers the different needs of both the female and male public, at affordable prices, and with a design inspired by natural elements and an elegant and timeless style.

We wanted to respond to the various olfactory groups, both in female and male fragrances, in order to make this range of perfumes a unique offer in the market – for its quality and accessibility. We are very happy with the final result, we hope that everyone can discover and enjoy the new MYLABEL perfumes with notes for all tastes”, shares Isabel Veiga, MYLABEL director.

In the female Eau de Parfum line, Wonder is characterized by the red fruits’ fragrance, with floral notes of violet, combined with the aroma of cotton candy and Patchouli. Lust shares the aromas of tuberose, white peach and orange blossom, combined with a touch of white musks. It is a sweet and enveloping fragrance. Affair stands out for its sweet and oriental aromas: red apple, vanilla, caramel and the oriental touch of cinnamon. It's an exotic scent.

As for the Eau de Parfum for men, Hunter has vibrant notes of cedar, the intensity and robustness of leather and the spiciness of pink pepper. It is a warm and seductive perfume. Bold stands out for the freshness of mint, the richness of Patchouli and the spicy aroma of sage. Gentle integrates the freshness of pineapple leaves wrapped in aromatic notes of lavender, with a touch of cinnamon and amber.

In the women’s Eau de Toilette line, Citrus is identified with the refreshing aroma of lemon and bergamot, with notes of raspberry, jasmine and green tea. Floral combines the sweetness and delicacy of lily of the valley and jasmine with notes of green apple, sandalwood and watermelon.

In the men’s Eau de Toilette line, Fougere is elegant and fresh, with a rockrose resin and black pepper aroma. Woody stands out for its boldness and refinement, with an aroma of basil and vetiver root and woody notes.

It is in MYLABEL’s DNA to develop quality, innovative products capable of responding to the needs of our consumers. This perfumery line reinforces the brand’s commitment to keep launching disruptive products at democratic prices,” explains Continente’s official.

MYLABEL maintains its commitment to developing innovative products for all people who like to take care of themselves, and guarantees the best care products for face, body, hair and make-up, with variety, affordable prices and proven quality, as attested by the various distinctions achieved by the brand.

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