New cookbook ‘Simples and Yämmi’ to waste less

“Cooking better, wasting less” is the purpose of the new book ‘Simples e Yämmi’, launched by Continente, with 101 practical and delicious recipes to enjoy and use 100% of the food and simplify the days in the kitchen.

The new book for kitchen robots adapts to the changes experienced in recent times, with new routines, lifestyles and consumption. Throughout the confinement period, consumers began to spend more time in the kitchen and look for practical, easy recipes that would allow for the optimization and profitability of time and food. ‘Simples e Yämmi’ is motivated by this new context and emerges as an aid to consumers by presenting the preparation of recipes with basic ingredients, which allow the reuse of food, without neglecting their flavour.

There are 101 recipes divided into 5 chapters: ‘Grande Lata!’ - recipes with canned goods; ‘Abençoadas sobras’ – recipes with leftovers; ‘Fazer render o “peixe”’ – multiple recipes and ideal for freezing; ‘Com pouco se faz muito’ - recipes with a maximum of 5 ingredients; ‘Depressa e bom’ - quick recipes and on the go. And yet, a special chapter on organization and savings ‘Organizar é facilitar’.

'Simples e Yämmi' is available at Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online, Go Natural, Note, Worten, Fnac, Bertrand and Wook stores for € 15.93, with a 10% discount on the editor price.

Yämmi is a state-of-the-art appliance from Sonae MC, with national design and production, which aims to facilitate the life of the Portuguese by adopting a practical lifestyle and a balanced diet, democratizing access to kitchen robots.

Continente works daily to incorporate the circular economy approach in its businesses, with the aim of preventing and reducing food waste, and this book is an important aid in raising consumer awareness of the importance of this commitment, through practical and tasty suggestions.

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