Missão Continente’s support to ‘The Big Hand’, a non-governmental organization, which has been running for 10 years, has already made it possible to facilitate access to education and fight school dropout in 8 schools in villages located in the interior of Mozambique, impacting more than 13,900 children and young people. Funding from Missão Continente has made it possible to improve the living conditions of the population and especially the children of these Mozambican communities heavily affected by internal conflicts, financial crisis and natural disasters: Sussundenga, neighbourhood of Nahurir, neighbourhood of Soalpo, neighbourhood 5, Messica Village, Matsinho Village, Chipaco Village and Montechimoio Village.

Since 2012, it has been possible to create 22 classrooms, seven preschool rooms, a nursery, a computer room, a study room, a library and bathrooms, drill three water holes and build a ‘solar island’ for charging small electrical appliances, provide ambulance bicycles and a mobile health unit and distribute seeds and tools, thus starting the process of transforming schools and local communities.

Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente, adds that “Missão Continente welcomes ‘The Big Hand’ Project as a partner in the commitment to transform and improve the lives of these communities that find themselves in extreme vulnerability conditions. The Continente stores’ role is of great importance to this project, as each hypermarket sponsors a child, ensuring the continuity of their studies and improving their living conditions, by monitoring the development of the villages and their children. Since the beginning of the collaboration, in 2012, the support has already reached 149 thousand euros”.

David Fernandes, NGO President and National Programs Manager at ‘The Big Hand’ says that “thanks to the support and care from all the people who give their body and soul to Missão Continente, we have managed, over the years, to drill water holes, build classrooms , preschool rooms and implement the first nursery in the Matsinho Village. We support health centres, hospitals and we manage to have the mobile health unit, once a week, bring health care to those who live far away. We distributed seeds and improved school and family gardens. We installed solar panels in schools, equipping them with computer equipment and guaranteed, daily, school support and recreational-pedagogical activities, nutritional and health monitoring, safety and social justice to hundreds of children.

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