Through the sale of the ‘Smile’ solidarity bag, Missão Continente raised 70,244 euros for the Gil Foundation’s “Paediatric Home Care” project. More than 140 thousand units of bags were sold in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores in the country.

This project intends to continue the provision of paediatric health care at home to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and prevent the psychosocial degradation of both the child and their family. Gil Foundation has been dedicated, since 1999, to activities and projects that promote the overall well-being of children, through the development of paediatric health and social reintegration projects.

The Solidarity Bags campaign was of enormous importance for the Paediatric Home Care Project, by the Gil Foundation, which exists in partnership with 6 public hospitals and monitors more than 700 children and their families annually. This support will make it possible to travel 41,703km, in order  to carry out 1,166 home visits to 333 children with chronic illnesses or with palliative needs”, says Patrícia Boura, Gil Foundation’s Executive President.

This donation will allow the Gil Foundation to maintain the project in the medium term, for another 6 months, and Missão Continente will monitor its application and measure its impact on the community in question.

Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Portuguese League Against Cancer), Associação Ajudar Moçambique (Help Mozambique Association), Fundação do Gil (Gil Foundation), APAV - Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima (Portuguese Victim Support Association) and CASA – Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo (Homeless Support Centre) are the five institutions that Missão Continente has been supporting, throughout 2022, through the sale of collectible Solidarity Bags.

The bags are for sale at all Continente stores, in stages, throughout the year, for €1.10, of with €0.50 revert to the institutions.

This is a collection of 5 different bags, with a modern design, reflecting a more optimistic, vibrant and energetic trend, thought out in detail for each cause. These are reusable, washable, 100% recyclable bags made from 100% recycled materials.

In addition to the solidarity aspect, the reusable bags aim to contribute to increasing recyclability rates in the country and conscious consumption behaviours.

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