Missão Continente distributes €167.000 against childhood obesity

The Missão Continente 2019/20 Donative will deliver 167 thousand euros, raised from the sale of the Angry Birds’ solidarity keychains during the Christmas season, to 10 national projects dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity.

Missão Continente received 164 applications from national, private or public, non-profit entities, with projects in the area of ​​Childhood Obesity prevention, that were subject to an online vote in the first place, and subsequently evaluated by a specialized jury, according to the relevance and impact of each project with the youngest.

The jury, composed of the National Program for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, the Directorate-General for Health, the Directorate-General for Education, the Portuguese Nutrition Association and the Portuguese Football Federation, selected 10 projects relating to five schools, a parents’ association, two health entities and two social sector entities.

The amount ​​attributed to each project varies between 10 thousand and 22 thousand euros and will allow putting into practice ideas to promote healthy habits through training and awareness actions, workshops, showcookings as well as promoting the importance of physical exercise among children, parents and school community.

After the distribution of the donations to each winning project, a monitoring plan is carried out to help implement the selected projects through training workshops, visits, continuous monitoring and technical support.

In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Missão Continente thus reinforces its work in the field of healthy eating, continuing its support for transformative and socially impactful initiatives to different associations in the social sector in Portugal.

Winning Projects

- “A minha lancheira” | Alentejo’s Regional Health Administration | Évora | € 10,000

- “Alimento Suficiente, Saúde Excelente!” | Conceição’s Basic School | Faro | € 13,000

- “BaLanSa – Bares e Lancheiras Saudáveis” | São Miguel Island’s Health Unit | São Miguel Island | € 20,000

- “Cinfães em forma - Bem comer e muito correr para melhor viver!” | General Serpa Pinto’s School Cluster | Viseu | € 20,000

- “Comer com Saúde, Mexer com Alegria” | Vila Real’s Cerebral Palsy Association | Vila Real | € 20,000

- “Comer e mexer para a Saúde ter!” | Golegã, Azinhaga and Pombalinho School Cluster | Santarém | € 22,000

- “Missão vamos à horta” | Kindergarten nº1 in Viana do Castelo - Parents and Guardians Association | Viana do Castelo | € 13,000

- “MuDança” | “Vila Real a Dançar” Association | Vila Real | € 20,000

- “Super Nutri” | Arcozelo das Maias’ kindergarten / Oliveira de Frades School Cluster | Viseu | 19,000

- “Vamos a Mexer” | São Gonçalo School Cluster | Gonçalo, Torres Vedras | Lisbon | € 10,000

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