Meu Super proximity stores won the Consumer Choice award, for the seventh consecutive year. This distinction again proves the choice of consumers who assess the level of satisfaction both in terms of the quality of the spaces and the services provided.

The Consumer Choice award rewards brands according to the evaluation of thousands of consumers, with Meu Super supermarkets having the highest level of satisfaction or recommendation attributed by customers.

Meu Super stores were also awarded, for the fifth consecutive year, the ‘Excellentia’ Award and the ‘Cinco Estrelas’ (Five Stars) award.

The ‘Cinco Estrelas’ (Five Stars) award is an evaluation system that measures the degree of satisfaction that products, services and brands confer on their users, using variable evaluation criteria such as Satisfaction by Experimentation, Price-Quality Ratio, Purchase Intent or Recommendation, Trust in the Brand and Innovation, which influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The ‘Excellentia’ award, which distinguished these proximity supermarkets, evaluates and awards the best that exists in the market in terms of Customer Oriented Management. This award distinguishes brands and companies that occupy the 1st place in the National Performance Index and Customer Centric Management’s sector, a ranking on customer-centred management practices.

Tomás Lince, general director at Meu Super, emphasizes that “these distinctions are an important stimulus to both our employees and partners, and represent the materialization of these proximity supermarkets’ goal: to respond to the needs of today’s consumers with a close, complete, efficient and fast service. These awards are of special importance because they are awarded based on the consumers’ opinion and shopping experience, which, for Meu Super, means recognition of its services and products’ quality”.

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