Continente launches campaign to support national production

"What would Portugal be, without National Production?" it is the motto of the campaign that Continente launches today, June 10th, to make known the close relationship that it has kept, for 35 years, with national production and which has intensified in recent months.

The multi-media campaign, featuring Fuel's creativity - present in television, press, radio, outdoors and digital -, shares Continente's investment in national production and promotes some of the most iconic flavours from different parts of the country, such as charcuterie, cereal, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. On Portugal Day, the brand states, in the concept film, that “if it's good for those who produce and for those who buy, it's good for Portugal”.

“The moment demanded a responsible and mobilizing attitude and that is what Continente has focused on. And we want to share this support, because our connection to national production is much more than our purchasing data”, says Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC. “We have been developing very close, and fair, relationships with our producers and the Continente Producers’ Club is a great example of this. It is an example that has not emerged now, but more than 20 years ago, when nobody could have predicted the recent pandemic or any similar event”, continues the official.

The launch of this campaign is in line with the #BomParaPortugal anniversary – in which Continente promised that "Whatever Portugal gives us, we give back". “This campaign is yet another sign of that promise’s fulfilment. On June 10th, 2019, we were grateful for the trust that customers place in us and we committed ourselves to continue to nurture that connection. A year later, we wanted to continue talking about the good things that the country offers us and how this is synonymous of a reciprocal relationship”, explains the Marketing Director at Sonae MC.

In this pandemic stage, Food Distribution was identified as a critical service by the Government and Sonae MC is aware of its responsibility towards the country, thus following the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health and the Ministry of Economy.
Continente’s National Production Support Campaign’s Datasheet:

ADVERTISER: Continente
CREATIVE DIRECTION: João Madeira da Silva
COPYRIGHT: João Madeira da Silva / Sofia Menezes
CONTACT: Catarina Anacleto
DIRECTOR: Rita Barbosa
PRODUCER: Miguel Coimbra
PRODUCTION CHIEF: Vanessa Oliveira
EDITOR: Marcos Castiel
Offlline ÌNGREME
SOUND: Índigo
MUSIC: Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins
VOICE OVER: Pedro Acabado

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