Green Friday – Ecological pet products are gaining increasing importance

From the 25th to the 27th of November, ZU’s Green Friday will offer discounts of up to 20%

Pet products are starting to see sustainability as an important ally. There are more and more items designed to meet the needs of our pets, which are more sustainable and planet friendly. From cat litter made from tofu or recycled wood to biodegradable dog waste bags, bamboo utensils and pads, among other products, there are a number of new solutions on the market that are less harmful to the environment. Green Friday by ZU, MC’s specialized retail brand dedicated to the well-being and health care of dogs and cats, which takes place between the 25th and 27th of November, could be the ideal time to discover these ranges of sustainable and ecological products, with the advantage of having them at a 20% discount. Get ready for the greenest days of the year!

In terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly products, there is already plenty to choose from and dozens of products to discover. For instance, did you know that there are pads for four-legged friends made from bamboo charcoal or natural tea tree oil, which are equally capable of absorbing, without leaving stains on the floor and eliminating bad smells? On the other hand, if you have cats, you can opt for a vegetable absorbent based on tofu, 100% natural and free of chemical components. Tofu vegetable fibres, which are not toxic for humans or animals, retain liquids creating a compact ball, easily removable and able to be disposed of together with household waste or even used as fertilizer in the garden. As an alternative to tofu, there are also recycled wood solutions (made from wood waste from the construction industry, thus contributing to a circular economy), among other options.

When choosing waste bags, be aware that they can also be biodegradable without losing their waterproofing and resistance capabilities. Furthermore, we cannot forget a series of utensils made from bamboo wood, such as brushes, carding pads and combs, as well as a vast array of toys for dogs and cats made from environmentally friendly materials (scratching posts, soft toys, ropes, dolls, etc.). These are just some examples of more ecological solutions that exist for the daily lives of our pets at home and that can contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

For three days, and in the entire network of ZU stores, the most sustainable solutions will be highlighted and with even more competitive prices. A great opportunity to challenge family or friends who you know will love to learn about these solutions, and start thinking about how to adopt even more sustainable and environmentally friendly measures.

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