Inspired by the tradition of Portuguese gastronomy, with ready-to-eat meals, to take away or for delivery, the ‘Cozinha Continente’ (Continente Kitchen) brand today reaches the whole country. It is accompanied by a multimedia campaign, which is a manifest to the passion for good food, with the theme: ‘Food is Life’.

There are more than 100 recipes, all revised and signed by the executive Chef André Matos, who guarantees consistency and respect for origin and tradition and which are now available to all families. Quality is the secret ingredient common to all recipes, from the most traditional, such as Old-style Duck Rice or Spiritual Cod, to the wide variety of soups, snacks, sandwiches or salads that can be found in all Continente stores and which are now available with the new ‘Cozinha Continente’ brand’s quality seal. The brand, which was born in Vila Real in 2022, with the opening of the first restaurant, now reaches all Continente stores’ counters and take-away areas. From today, there is a ‘Cozinha Continente’ in all stores and, for Chef André Matos, “this Kitchen of ours is a way of paying homage to traditional Portuguese gastronomy and of bringing it, in an honest and democratic way, to the tables of all families”.

‘Cozinha Continente’ brings back the flavour and origin of traditional Portuguese recipes and delivers ready-to-eat meals, either to take away from the service counters or from the ‘Cozinha Continente’ take-away shelves; to order from Continente Online or from home delivery platforms; or even to enjoy comfortably in one of the 3 concept restaurants. The new brand thus becomes present in several moments of the customer’s life. “The goal of ‘Cozinha Continente’ is to reach all customers with quality food, as if it were made at home, in a practical and convenient way”, says Ana Alves, responsible for the Food Solutions’ area at MC.

This brand strengthens MC’s take-away category, which has shown very significant growth in recent years. This growth is directly related to the development that we have witnessed in the offer of this type of product to face the changes in the lifestyle of consumers who have less and less time available and are looking for quick and convenient solutions, but who do not compromise on quality. It is a very important moment for MC, where we materialize our ambition to be the reference in the democratization of well-made food and we strengthen our value proposition with the ‘Cozinha Continente’ brand”, continues MC’s official.

‘Cozinha Continente’ will have, throughout the year, recipes adapted to the customers’ taste and preferences, featuring many novelties and innovations in the ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook food offer, also depending on the time of year. The more traditional dishes, such as Duck Rice, Spiritual Cod or Cod with Cream, will be available all year round, on take-away counters, shelves and on ‘Cozinha Continente’ restaurants.

Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Continente, explains, “Food is the campaign’s main character, which is available in several communication media and, above all, in stores where we have the shelves, the counters and the food court, to demonstrate the different ways of experiencing the best we do. Through this ‘Cozinha Continente’ campaign, we want to demonstrate all the quality, novelty and the spectacular that exists in this brand”.

Continente is the leading food retail brand in Portugal, recognized in the areas of dynamism and innovation and with a solid record in launching and marketing differentiating products.

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