Continente strengthens its offer in bio products

To meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly looking for products of biological origin, Continente further strengthens the offer in this segment, through its Continente Bio label, which already has more than 100 products, with all the flavour and naturalness, at the lowest prices. The Bio product range will be featured in Continente, from June 30th to July 12th, with a dedicated promotional campaign, in stores and on Continente online, with direct discounts that can reach up to 25%.

Produced with high quality standards and a demanding control and certification process, Continente Bio's private label products meet the current needs of families, with solutions for all consumption moments.

The Continente Bio label is developed from the best natural ingredients from certified organic production, which combines the best and most sustainable environmental practices, with the most demanding animal welfare standards. All of this is possible because organic farming is a more natural production method, the use of artificial pesticides is limited, it does not use Genetically Modified Organisms and it uses more natural fertilizers. Organic products can be identified through the certified organic farming’s community logo.

At a time when the Portuguese are increasingly aware of their eating habits and the impact it has on their health and the environment, Continente aims to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, promote seasonal products and reduce food waste, carrying on with its commitment to democratize access to organic and healthy products.

Featured Bio Products:
• Continente Bio Biological Eggs 1 / 2dz
• Continente Bio Almond Beverage 1l
• Continente Bio Coconut Oil 500ml
• Continente Bio Corn Tortitas 130g
• Continente Bio Biological Tofu 400g
• Continente Bio Coconut Sugar 500g
• Continente Bio Quinoa 500g
• Continente Bio Crunchy Red Fruits Granola 375g
• Continente Bio Thin Oat Flakes, Whole and Gluten free 400g
• Continente Bio Natural Yogurt 4 * 125g

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