Continente presents year-end campaign with an optimistic message

Continente believes that '2021 will not be just another year' and will present a multi-media campaign on television, digital and press until January 2nd, with an optimistic message, of celebrating small victories and the hope that there are still many good things to happen.

Continente's year-end campaign aims to be a hopeful way to welcome the new year, through an open letter to 2020 babies, but which reveals itself in a message of hope to all Portuguese people. The goal is to continue what Continente has been communicating throughout 2020: to be at the side of the Portuguese in doing their best and to contribute to making this new year a year of celebrations. The film features the creativity of FUEL and production by Casper.

“Through the happy and positive memories that we have all lived and that happened in previous years, Continente hopes (and we all hope), to relive these happy memories very soon. We don't know what still awaits us, but whatever comes, each of us will certainly do our best so that this new year is not just another one”, says Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC.

“We believe that 2021 will not be just a normal year, but a special year! Within what is available to Continente, we will try to make the days better and this is the message we want to convey”, says the Sonae MC’s official.

Director: Bruno Ferreira
Executive Producer: Nuno Lobo
Head of production: Jacqueline Ferreira
Director of photography: Duarte Domingos
Assistant Director: Paulo Rebelo “Bilu”
Styling: Marta Lobo
Art direction: David Tutti dos Reis
Make-up & Hair: Monica Mota
Post-production: Casper Films
Audio post-production: Indigo
Voiceover: Margarida Vila-Nova

Creative director: João Madeira
Copywriter: Sofia Menezes
Art Director: Tanja Costa
Production director: Pedro Silva
Audio-visual Producer: Vasco Pamplona
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account Executive: Catarina Anacleto

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