Continente launches online cheese guide

"A Nossa Queijaria" is Continente’s new online platform to help customers find the most suitable cheese for each situation, filtering by various characteristics such as region or country of origin, intensity, type of milk or paste, type of cure, prizes obtained, moment of consumption and price, in a quick and intuitive way.

This platform, very similar to Continente’s wine cellar, which helps to choose a wine tailored to the customers’ tastes and interests, aims to showcase the entire range of Continente’s cheeses and support the consumers in their choices. It integrates several selection filters, ranging from price, to current discounts, including the type of cheese, region, country, milk (sheep, goat, cow, buffalo or mixture) and type of paste (fresh, buttery, soft, semi-hard or hard).

For instance, a fresh paste is both soft and fresh, the buttery paste melts in your mouth and the soft paste is very smooth, maintaining some consistency. The semi-hard and hard cheeses, on the other hand, are cheeses with more compact or even hard pastes that can even have a certain crunchiness, as is the case with São Jorge cheese (Azores) or Parmigiano cheese.

At ‘Nossa Queijaria’, the consumer also has access to characteristics, facts and curiosities and suggestions about the products, such as tasting notes about cheeses and suggestions for consumption and harmonization.

Continente’s Cheese Shop is updated daily using the integrated information on the website and the Continente Online App. It also includes a feature - only present in the mobile version of the platform and which is present in the menu, located at the bottom of the screen through the camera of the mobile phone - that allows barcode reading of the cheeses present in stores to learn more about these products and purchase directly in the online store or in the physical store.

At Continente’s Wine Cellar, also launched this year, consumers can find the most suitable wine for each gastronomic specialty and filter by various characteristics such as region or price, in a quick and intuitive way.

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