WAY UP is the new supplementation and sports nutrition brand, developed in a partnership between Continente and Solinca, with a range of products designed for the most demanding athletes and for all those with an active lifestyle. Whey Protein, L-Carnitine, Protein Bars, Energy Balls and Powdered Peanut Butter are some of the WAY UP products for sale at Continente stores, Solinca gyms and at

The range includes supplements for muscle building, strengthening the immune system and energy and resistance, such as Concentrated Whey (24.99€, 1kg), L-Carnitine (8.99€, 15 ampoules) or Collagen (5.99€, 300g), and also protein foods, such as Energy Bars (€1.15) and Energy Balls (€0.99), or the most recent novelty - Powdered Peanut Butter (€5.99, 400g).

Developed in a partnership between Continente and Solinca, the new brand aims to facilitate access to supplementation and sports nutrition products in Portugal, by offering quality products, certified and with patented formulas and tested by the end consumer, with a wide distribution in over 300 points of sale and at the most competitive prices on the market.

All WAY UP products undergo rigorous and demanding quality, analytical and sensory tests, carried out in certified laboratories. They are developed together with nutritionists and specialists in sports nutrition, as well as consumers and athletes, who have tasted and approved all products and packaging.

The brand’s campaign was developed by FUEL, with the challenge of projecting an image of quality, confidence and modernity, capable of helping to achieve the individual goals of each athlete. It is a brand with a positive, energizing, close and optimistic voice, which is committed to accompanying and supporting each athlete in all stages of their training.

The brand is also present on social networks, where it regularly shares tips on exercises, training, nutrition and much more, to serve as inspiration and help achieve each athlete’s individual goals.

Continente WAY UP products:

  • Way Up Whey Strawberry Concentrate 1kg  €24.99    1kg

  • Way Up Whey Chocolate Concentrate 1kg   €24.99    1kg

  • Way Up Whey Vanilla Concentrate 1kg         €24.99    1kg

  • Way Up L-Carnitine 15un                              €8.99      15un

  • Way Up Peanut Butter Powder 400g             €5.99      400 G

  • Way Up 50% Protein Bar Biscuit 50g             €1.25      50g

  • Way Up 50% Protein Bar Chocolate 50g       €1.25     50g

  • Way Up Cocoa Hazelnut Energy Ball 34g      €0.99     34g

  • Way Up Peanut Banana Energy Ball 34g        €0.99     34g

  • Way Up Collagen 300g                                  €5.99     300g

  • Way Up Omega 3 90cps                                €5.99     90cps

  • Way Up Vegetable Protein 250g                   €5.99      250g

  • Way Up Multivitamin 100cps                        €5.99     100cps


  • Way Up Lemon Isotonic 35g €0.49     35g


  • Creamy Peanut Butter                                                           €4.99     1kg

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